Band on the Wall Playlist – December 2016

As part of my monthly look at what’s coming up at the legendary Manchester venue Band on the Wall the focus for December is a gig on the 11th featuring The Comet is Coming.

The Comet is Coming are a London-based jazz, electronic, funk and psych rock band, signed to the seminal multi-disciplinary imprint The Leaf Label. They describe their sound as “Apocalyptic Space Funk” and their debut LP, Channel The Spirits was nominated for the 2016 Mercury Prize.

The imagery associated with the band is based around outer space, science fiction and B-movies, as can be seen in the music videos for their singles “Neon Baby” and “Do the Milky Way”, as well as in song titles and artwork.

In between the best of new jazz.


  1. The Comet Is Coming – Cosmic Dust – Channel The Spirits (2016)
  2. Paolo Fresu & Omar Sosa – Teardrop/Ya Habibi – Eros (2016)
  3. A Tree Grows – Wau Wau Water – Wau Wau Water (2016)
  4. Florian Hoefner – Newfound Jig – Luminosity (2016)
  5. Fresh Cut Orchestra – Mind Behind Closed Eyes – Mind Behind Closed Eyes (2016)
  6. Minim Experiment – Great Dark Spot – Dark Matter (2016)
  7. Bennett, Johnston, Mezzacappa, Rosaly – The Face Consented, At Last – Shipwreck 4 (2016)
  8. John Lindberg Raptor Trio – T’wixt D and E – Western Edges (2016)
  9. Dominic J. Marshall – Leaves Dance – The Triolithic (2016)
  10. Fred Hersch – Blackwing Palomino – Sunday Night at the Vanguard (2016)
  11. John Lindberg BC3 – The Excavation – Born in an Urban Ruin (2016)
  12. The Comet is Coming – Channel The Spirits – Channel The Spirits (2016)

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